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  • - optimization of the transportation process - cost reduction 
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It is profitable to
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For drivers
  • - get information on new orders for loading promptly
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  • - the efficiency of using vehicles increases by 30% when ordering online
  • - minimize idling and simple motor transport
  • - saving the full flight history
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How do you like this idea? Create a new business model of a digital expedition, in which a person will be taken away from the process regulation function, leaving only control over the operation of the system. This interaction model will solve the standard problem of transport logistics.

Recently, the Internet has spread the news that Bill Gates has invested money in a new startup from Uber - “Uber for trucks”. This is due to the fact that startups spinning around shipments are coming to the fore because of the opportunity to gain a fast pace (in a short time) of development.

American company Convoy.Inc. developed software that is looking for truckers on the map close to the customer, ready to transport the order. So far, the service works locally in the state of Washington.

Service from Uber has released the Uber Freight application for long-distance cargo transportation. The application solves the problem of empty carriers on the way back. This solves two problems: with the employment of the carrier, and pollution. The application improves transportation efficiency, reduces costs and reduces the impact of trucks on the environment.

As you can see in the world, more and more money is invested in startups related to transportation services. They are considered promising and in demand. Previously, all assets were sent to industries that more dynamically responded to innovation, today IT is confidently moving into transport logistics.

Ukraine in this regard is no exception. In connection with the rapid development of technology and the development of business in the Internet space, in Ukraine JIT + application was created, which can build the optimal transport logistics in order to bring agro transportation to a new level.

How IT-developments are implemented in Ukraine

In Ukraine, IT-development is also mainly concerned with the topic of transportation, however, our specialists mainly develop software for foreign companies for the export of cargo goods. Many say that foreign investors are afraid to invest in the development of IT technologies in Ukraine because of the war, but this is a big myth. In fact, everything is covered in the good old corruption and her friend unstable economic situation. The JIT + service does just that. This application, which is designed specifically for Ukraine and deals with the issues of grain transportation. The application allows all four participants in the process (the customer, the consignee, the consignee and the carrier) to solve issues directly in one information space, without intermediaries. This allows you to get rid of the main problem of transport logistics - the human factor.

The impact of the “human factor” in transport logistics and how to get rid of it with JIT +

The sale of transport services in the field of freight traffic is much more difficult in the implementation of digitization. In this direction, the “human factor” plays an important role, since all processes are solved at the level of interaction between managers. In practice, it is often possible to meet the dissonance of the interests of the enterprise and the logistics department.

Minimization of the “human factor” will allow moving to a new level.

In Ukraine, a big problem is the preparation of logistics. Often, for their effectiveness, managers use value reduction services. And sometimes the personal financial interests of logistic managers are put above the interests of the enterprise.

When introducing automation systems, the influence of the human factor is significantly reduced, along with it the requirements for a professional driver are reduced, the problem of congestion is solved.

How with the help of Jit Plus you can get rid of corruption in the field of transportation

On the territory of Ukraine there are a number of companies that are engaged in freight transportation. They operate within the limits of running a business at the level of the early 2000s. To date, you can trace the transportation of grain in two ways: telephone control (periodic ringing) and GPS control of transport. What grain control method would you choose?

JIT + company specializes in the construction of competent transport logistics of grain in Ukraine. Adopting effective European principles of building logistics, we have developed a unique service that allows you to track the transportation of grain online. With online monitoring, communication is two-way, the owner of the cargo has the ability to contact the driver in real time, adjust movement, optimize routes and reduce downtime at loading and unloading points of agricultural products.

A single information space allows customers, shippers, consignees and carriers to negotiate directly. Statistics and ratings of carriers help you find reliable partners and build long-term forecasts for your business.

What factors need to be considered to build the route of delivery of agricultural products

  • Specify the place where it will be specifically loading and unloading grain. This will allow to obtain information about the nature of the area, to identify the possibility of access to the place.
  • Also, you should consider the type of cargo to be transported (what kind of grain).

This will allow:

  • Choose the most suitable vehicle for transportation.
  • Choose the most convenient route that will allow you to deliver cargo to your destination without loss of time and any difficulties.
  • To exercise constant control over the shipping. At any time you will have a connection with the truck driver (you will be able to observe the process of transportation both on the interactive map and separately on request) and the ability to make adjustments to the route.

How does the JIT + service work

The service takes into account all the nuances that may arise in the process of transportation and issues in the shortest possible time. With JIT + you will select the most appropriate route for the transport of your goods. As a shipper, you receive a carrier, as a carrier - customer.

Working with Jeet Plus service, our customers significantly reduce the risk of being deceived by both the customer and the carrier.

In the application please specify:

  • Restrictions on loading and unloading
  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery terms
  • Characteristics of cars
  • Established route

After filling in the above data, JIT plus selects the appropriate transport and provides feedback to all control points along the route.

Thus, the carriage of goods becomes easier and less time consuming. This allows you to optimize transport logistics, making it less costly in financial terms and time.

Also we are sometimes called Jet plus

What benefits do you get from working with Jet Plus? The customer will receive the maximum efficiency of spending their own funds with Jet Plus. This is due to the optimization of resources and a clear distribution of carriers along the routes. Jet Plus allows the client to monitor the implementation of logistics through a mobile application. We provide a choice of cars from a wide range, which will always provide the necessary transport. We can be trusted, because Jet Plus works only with trusted carriers, each of which is assigned relevant statistics.

The carrier will receive regular orders for logistics. Thus, the transport will not be idle just like that. With the application Jet plus the efficiency of using a car for transportation increases by 30%. All transportation information is saved online - the driver will always be able to track the history of flights. Systematize your work with the Jet plus transportation automation service.

Introduction of the digitization system and solution of the main problems of logistics in Ukraine

As you understand, an effective solution is to create a new business model associated with a digital expedition. As a result of the introduction of new technologies, a person will no longer need to regulate the path and delivery process, all that will be enough for him is to control the operation of the system through his gadget. In fact, the technology of the future is in your phone today. JIT + service can be your most loyal assistant. He provides you as a customer with professional carriers, but with their constant flow of new orders and, therefore, with a steady income. Jeet Plus - is an application where they are going according to the interests of agribusiness.

Jitplus application plans and goals: benefits and benefits for grain traders and carriers

We aim to help our users in their business, as well as to increase the prestige of the carrier profession. We expect that within a few years grain freight will become a renewed industry, in which the document flow will take a minimum of time, and the profits of carriers and grain traders will increase.

And now let's take a closer look at what problems Jet Plus service solves. In order to effectively manage their business, a trader needs to have operational and reliable information about the transportation route, stopping points, the driver himself and of course about the grain transportation rates in Ukraine. Thus, transport logistics is built. Too much time isn’t it? And you want to have time to perform a number of other tasks in order for the business to grow. Well, JIT + will help to reduce the list of necessary affairs of the grain trader.

  • Jet Plus unites all participants in the grain transportation process.
  • Thanks to the service, the client can independently calculate the time of transportation, its cost, as well as see the best route
  • JIT + reduces the time factor of the organization of transportation and, thus, its cost
  • Minimizes the cost of finding a carrier, the process of negotiating payment, as well as transportation.

In principle, using the JITPLUS service, managing your business becomes safe, and time for control is reduced, because everything is at hand, thanks to this innovation, the client can calculate the cost and time of transportation, track the transportation route online. We’ll add one thing to the savings account - you don’t need to pay extra to intermediaries for finding a carrier, as well as waiting for a driver.

Abroad, the ability to control the movement of a car in its smartphone with a predetermined cost of travel, moreover, with the payment for traveling through the Internet "in two clicks", has become commonplace. Thanks to this innovation, the client can calculate the cost and terms of transportation, track the route of transportation online. This allows you to create an environment of reasonable competition, where the service provided by the contractor is evaluated based on the results of the work done. Innovation simplifies and improves business, and JIT + is committed to addressing the issues of creating optimal transport logistics.