When all norms are met there are no additional costs on the part of the carrier, consignor and consignee. But why not respected?

There are many reasons and they are very different, starting from the queues during loading and unloading to bad roads and car repairs.

But they all come down to efficiency.

For example, the efficiency of the use of railway cars on average up to 50%. In turn, road transport shows similar figures. According to generally accepted standards and indicators, a cargo carrier must travel an average of 250 kilometers per day with cargo, respectively, and the same amount without.

Thus, trucking shows low efficiency indicators, which entails a rise in the cost of transport services.

To use resources correctly, remain competitive and increase the efficiency of cargo logistics, you can use the JIT + system.

It allows you to increase efficiency by up to 30%, plan and deliver the goods exactly on time, and also avoid queues and downtime at the stage of unloading and loading.