In Ukraine, professional drivers will be obliged to obtain additional rights - a certificate of professional competence of the driver

Without this document, the carrier will not be able to launch the flight. Such initiatives are contained in the draft decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure.
If the document does not meet the fierce opposition from the representatives of the market, as well as other government agencies, they can adopt it within a month.

Drivers of international freight and passenger transportation must confirm their competence abroad or at the only accredited Ukrainian training center "NCC AsMAP". But for their colleagues in Ukraine there are no similar requirements at the moment.

Drawing on European experience, officials intend to launch a new examination system and network of training centers in the country. In order to start issuing special cards to drivers, confirming their professionalism. Plastic licenses that look like ordinary driver's licenses will be valid for 5 years. Upon completion, the driver will need to take the courses again and receive a new certificate.

All courses in the Ministry were divided into three types: